Create a centre of excellence for contract management - from the moment you negotiate through to delivering and monitoring contract performance.

Better Contract Negotiations and Management

Let FOR-Contracts improve your contract negotiations and management process by reducing the risk of costly contractual issues & penalties.

Be in full control and avoid pitfalls during contract negotiations to achieve superior results.

Exceed contract management targets with a focus on weaknesses and threats - avoid paying hefty penalties.

Learn from past issues to improve your contracts and be in a stronger negotiating and contract delivery position.

Smart contract analysis can be your secret weapon. Meet your New Digital Employee

Switch to cutting edge smart contract assessment & management and lower your risk of exposure. Turn weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities.

Quickly focus on problem areas. Be in full control and significantly improve your contract negotiation as you get an automated and immediate SWOT analysis of the whole contract.

Fix undesirable clauses using past contract or supplier experience. Manage the lifetime of the contract with the focus on the right areas and avoid issues before they occur.

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