Smart and intuitive.

The perfect watchdog to track and solve problems on your entire fleet from anywhere.

Get alerts and resolve issues.
Keep everyone informed and focussed.
Finally, a solution with all the alerts & information at your fingertips.

FOR-FleetAlerts was created to provide fleet stakeholders with real-time accurate alerts for information and fast decision making.

Whether executive, management, crew, ground operators, engineering, maintenance technicians and administrators, everyone is kept in the loop. There’s no need get in front of your MIS, OEM other ancillary tools or systems.

This smart assistant is your velcro companion anytime of the day and on your mobile device.

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See and monitor fleet status (maintenance, defects and impacts) anywhere in real-time.

Get alerts for AOGs, DELAYS, EVENTS and ECAMs. Receive MEL impact assessments. Manage risk and avoid surprises thanks to its smart MEL profiling function.

Track discrepancies in authorised vs. as-flying LSAP across your NEXT GEN fleet. See everything evolve live in your mobile device.

The must have solution for real-time alerting and management of your fleet.

FOR-FleetAlerts is a fully integrated and comprehensive solution in the palm of your hand.

It combines MIS & ACARS data with its own smarts to deliver alerts & information such as AOGs, maintenance/defect status, MEL and operational impacts of current faults.

It is also capable of MEL risk assessment and fleet risk profiling.

Finally, all fleet information in real-time when it matters most.

Now your crew, ground staff, engineers, technicians, managers and exec get up to date usual operations and maintenance alerts and status so you can make the best decisions when it matters most.

FOR-FleetAlerts takes fleet health alerts & monitoring into a real-time app accessible from anywhere on your mobile. Access aircraft location, delays, ECAMs & MELs warnings with consequences and severity index and much more.

Get the pulse of your entire fleet to be always on the top of your network, properly alerted & informed about the technical and operational status of your fleet.

Efficiently monitor and control your fleet during day-to-day operations. See pending activities and severity index behind real time warnings, at a glance.

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