The smarter compliance solution to manage complex LSAP Configurations for Next Generation Aircraft

Is your fleet flying with the latest authorised software?

FOR-LSAP was designed from the ground up to ensure 100% compliance.

Our new state-of-the-art GUI makes it easy to see fleet and individual aircraft status at a glance


Know your fleet flies with the latest compliant software at all times


Automatically detect changes in real-time and immediately resolve any discrepancies


Plan software updates for the whole fleet with a few mouse clicks

Fully mobile interface

FOR-LSAP's new interface is fully adaptable, enabling you to have all fleet information at your fingertips even when on the move

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Smarter Solutions give you peace of mind.

At all times know your fleet is flying with the latest compliant software
Be on top of change & compliance via intuitive dashboards, essential metrics and real-time alerts. Have peace of mind knowing your fleets have the latest authorised LSAP configurations at any time.

Automatically detect configuration changes in real-time and resolve any discrepancies immediately.
FOR-LSAP is continually validating authorized vs. current aircraft configurations and exposes exceptions for quick resolution.

Plan software updates for the whole fleet with a few mouse clicks
FOR-LSAP provides an extremely efficient and streamlined LSAP management process that integrates seamlessly with your MIS minimising effort, ensuring accuracy and 100% compliance.

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Solutions EcoSystem