The smarter warranty claims solution that helps airlines recover millions of dollars year round

Are you recovering 100% of WARRANTY your claims?

FOR-Warranty was created to help airlines detect and manage fleet-wide warranty claims with 100% success from start to finish.

Airlines bleed millions each year in missed claims due to the sheer volume and complexity of contracts

FOR-Warranty can learn your contracts and help you identify all those claims not usually picked up. The more contracts learned, the higher the recovery success of your claims.

Aircraft can have between 400,000 and 4 million parts

IATA figures stipulate that 5% of an aircraft cost is claimable under warranty in the course of 10 years

The average cost of an aircraft part can go from $100,000 to $1M

The complexity and volume of contracts, together with lack of time is costing airlines millions each year in missed claims

FOR-Warranty uses Machine Learning to understand contracts and identify claimable events assisting your warranty staff to identify claims and make reliable decisions.

It’s been created from the ground up to ensure 100% success rate in your warranty identification, warranty management and claim recovery process.

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