Stay on top of your Service Bulletins by automating your SB processing.

A smarter and quicker way to deal with hundreds of Service Bulletins & Mods every month

FOR-SB will save 70% effort in your SB assessment process leaving you bandwidth you can channel into higher value work.

Identify & rapidly process relevant & high priority SBs with ease.

Ditch the spreadsheets – they are so 90s! Remove human errors & clerical work.

Import with ease only what is required into your MIS.

Automatically read & categorise Service Bulletins as they arrive, regardless of format and complexities.

Perform automatic pre-assessment including applicability & effectivity determination. Track Turnaround and SLAs.

Generate Engineering Order Data, JIC/e-Task Card as required. Easily import into your MIS for implementation. FOR-SB supports all MIS import options.

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Solutions EcoSystem

Solutions EcoSystem