This innovative tool measures utilisation performance across 8 domains in a typical M&E organisation, providing the essential first step towards understanding what areas are working well and what areas can be improved.

Are you making the most of your M&E Software?

The M&E Software (also called MIS or MRO System) is at the heart of an airline’s Maintenance & Engineering activities. Airlines and MROs make a significant investment when purchasing and later maintaining their M&E Software.

Explore M&E Software coverage of your needs

Determine the effectiveness of installation & configuration

Know what is working well and what can be improved


Are you using it to its full potential?

The objective is to implement a standardised process, however oftentimes airlines end up using their M&E Software in varied, sub-optimal ways. Most Airlines and MRO Clients tell us “If we knew then what we know now, we would have gone about it in a different and better way”.

Take the challenge and TRY IT NOW FOR FREE to assess and visualize how well your M&E Software is being used in your organisation.

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