FORLOOP has been delivering smart solutions to complex problems since 2000, using next generation tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Since 2007, FORLOOP has focussed on the aviation industry with a distinct aim to help airlines, MROs & suppliers. FORLOOP Middle East adds several decades of in-depth domain expertise, bringing better value to clients and helping to build stronger partnerships in the industry.

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Pain2Gain Discovery

A smarter way to focus on the problem and deliver the right strategic solutions. We use a structured approach to uncover problems and missed opportunities (pains), validate benefits if pains were resolved (gains) and design a prioritised roadmap of smart & high value solutions. All in one day.

Review & Audits

We will review your area of concern and table independent assessments & proposals varying from:

  • System change & re-implementation
  • Product enhancements or new product needs
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Cost reduction strategies or optimised usage of existing capabilities

Digital Transformation

We provide a roadmap to drive the business from legacy environments to future proof technologies, from manual processes to an automated environment or from paper based to a digital organization.

Technology Strategy

With our strategic alliances, clients can be assured of achieving their business goals, by minimizing the risks of counterproductive IT systems & technology.

Data Management & Analytics

FORLOOP has invested in developing a state of the art technology platform for data analysis. Coupled with the data management as well as MRO specific domain expertise, we are best suited to help Airlines analyse and utilise their data for optimised Strategic & Operational decision making.

Product Development Partnership

Should your solution idea provide value to the industry, FORLOOP is open to develop best of breed products leveraging our advanced AI / ML Platform. With our pedigree in integration, these products can easily & seamlessly integrate with M&E / MRO and other systems.